Removals Insurance

Removals Insurance

JD Movers’ experienced and friendly team can provide reliable and professional service of moving delicate, oversized or heavy furniture.

What We Can Do

We provide a variety of services to people.


For oversized and heavy itmes, we can easily dismantle them and reassemble in your new destination in the same condition it left it.


For expensive and delicate ETitems, we provide shrink wrap and heavy duty blankets to fully protect them to make sure.


we can put them in our heavy duty trolley to safely transport them. It won’t get damaged along the way and reach with safety at destination


We are 100% committed to providing reliable, efficient, professional and cheap removals to ensure you have a stress-free move.

Avoid Removal Insurance Stress With Our Service

JD movers offers goods in transit and public liability insurance to cover damages of all of customer’s properties and goods against unexpected accidents.

We will fix any little harms or scratches to properties or goods brought by our removalists during movement first. We don’t charge extra every time for protection, just if a case is made an overabundance of $500 applied to a client.

Our public liability insurance return can be up to $20,000,000. Good in transit insurance claims insured goods is up to $50,000.

Goods In Transit Does Not Cover

  • Any harm brought by clients or individuals other than our removalists during the move.
  • Pot plants, Glass items, Marble items, Furniture items produced using molecule board, and boxed substances that have not been packed by JD movers.
  • Pilferage, theft or non-delivery
  • Any scratches or damages caused during loading and unloading.   
  • TVs, fridge, washing machine or other electronic things where there has been no outer harm brought by JD movers.  

Removal Services

Avoid Damage

We provide expert movers who will care about your goods and reach destination with safety. 

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Reduce Stress

Moving goods is very stressful, We provide best service for without having to stress.

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Save Money

All melbourne competetors provide  Competitive rates for moving services, We provide best price to you.

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