How to Find a Housemate in Melbourne

Living with housemates is a rite of passage, and can be a wonderful experience for you at any stage of your life. The right housemate can become a great friend, and living with others means you can afford a better place to live, and cut down on the cost of bills.

But if you are looking for a housemate in Melbourne, that’s where things can start to feel a little tricky. You know yourself, and what you look for in someone you live with, and finding that perfect person puts you in mind of the old saying about needles and haystacks. You might be looking for a non-smoking vegan who also enjoys exotic reptiles, or just someone who will chip in with doing the dishes and won’t scare your mum when she comes to visit.

Whatever qualities you’re looking for in a housemate, it is important to get the right fit – as being stuck in close quarters with someone you can’t get along with can be pretty miserable.

We have collected some top tips on how to find that perfect fit housemate. Read on to have the best chance of finding not just someone to live with, but potentially a friend for life. (Or at least someone who isn’t super into alien based conspiracy theories…)

Ask around

One of the best ways to meet that great housemate is by word of mouth. Ask your friends if they or someone they know well is looking for a room. Don’t feel beholden to say yes to anyone just because they happen to be your best mate’s third step-cousin, though. You should still make sure to meet anyone you’re considering and make sure you gel with them. But you never know – one of your dearest friends might need a place to live, and you won’t have to do an extensive interview or worry about those nasty housemate surprises after all.

Flatmate Finders

This site might remind you a little of online dating, but in a good way. You can easily advertise your room (for a fee), and those searching for a room can post a free advert letting you know what they are looking for. This could help you to locate a new housemate without even posting an advert, and is a great way to check if you’re a good fit before getting in touch.

Fairy Floss Real Estate

This Facebook group might be one of the best reasons to still have an account. It boasts of “Lending a sweet hand to homey people” and this could not be more true – it is something of a hotspot for finding a new housemate or place to live in Melbourne, with over 200,000 members. This means a huge pool for you to look for a new member of your household, and an easy place to find somewhere new to live. You can either post about your available room (complete with images), or you can read some of the many posts made by those seeking a room. Fairy Floss is simple to use, and can connect you with your new housemate in moments – plus, it’s free!

Remember to interview

We know it’s painful and the last thing you want to do, but interviewing potential housemates is a real must. Let them view the house, check their references, and make sure every existing housemate has met them before you make your final decision. Remember – moving someone in might be easy, but asking them to leave will be much harder!

Get in touch

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