How to Pack Boxes for Moving House

We’ve all been there. You move house, go to excitedly unpack your boxes and set up your new home, and find a bunch of broken plates, a cracked TV screen, or a shattered heirloom vase. Broken items can really put a damper on your big day, so knowing how to pack boxes properly for moving house is essential.

You may think that this is an easy task, and it can be – but only when you have the right information. We have collected some top tips for how to move house without the heartbreak of broken items. Read on to find out more.

Common mistakes

There are some incredibly common errors that people make when packing to move house. While your removalists will be as careful as possible with your possessions, if you have boxes that are stuffed too full or taped improperly, this can cause the boxes themselves to break during moving, slowing down the day altogether. Not to mention breakable items being insufficiently protected, or lighter items being needlessly placed in smaller boxes.

Think about your box strength

The strength of your boxes is an important factor in ensuring a smooth moving day experience, and fewer breakages. You should use sturdy and firm boxes which are well constructed – you will often be able to get these from your removal company itself. Try to avoid boxes with open tops, as these can spill contents and are less easy to stack up.

Tape, tape and more tape

Do not be conservative when it comes to taping your boxes. Both the bottom of the box and the top should be firmly taped together, which gives it a greater amount of strength and keeps it from splitting open.

Wrap it up

Another area where you should be more than generous is with wrapping your items. Bubble wrap and newspaper are great ways to protect more breakable items – ensure that these boxes are filled so that the items do not shift and move around during the drive from your old home to your new one. This also makes them a little easier to stack.

Size matters

How you package items should relate directly to the size of your boxes. For example, your larger boxes should be packaged primarily with lighter items. This ensures that your movers can lift the boxes easily. Put heavier items into smaller boxes, and put just a couple of heavy items in each box. This helps to spread the weight distribution more evenly. You can also use towels and bedding to pad heavier items and keep the weight manageable.

Label clearly

You should label each box with clear instructions for your movers – such as which way up the box goes, or if the contents are fragile. You can also mark each box with which room it belongs in, making unpacking that little bit easier for you. Think about packing a little box marked “essentials” so that you have everything you need for your first night in your new home easily to hand.

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