Moving House Checklist

Are you moving soon? If so, you’ll have a seemingly endless list of things to organise, pack and clean. To make tasks easier, we’ve created a list of essential tasks for an organised, stress-free move.

4 weeks before moving

Local services

This is the ideal time to check out your new neighbourhood. Find out exactly where the local GP, shopping centres, schools, chemists and vet are located. Also, inform your current doctor, optometrist, dentists and other medical specialists of your address change.

Sort out your belongings

Decide exactly where you can sell your furniture and other belongings. You could organise a garage sale, for instance, or sell any unwanted things online. Otherwise, you can call your local charity shop to donate things.

Arrange your insurance

Contact your insurance provider(s) to check if there are changes to your current policies. Get some quotes for coverage at your new home (i.e. home and contents, car insurance, etc.).

3 weeks before moving

Transfer all records

If you’re moving a fair distance or interstate, get copies of your family’s and pet’s medical records. Notify your employer and your children’s school of your address change. Back up your computer’s data.

Pack efficiently

Before you start packing, start looking for good quality moving boxes. You can usually purchase these from moving companies. Then, buy some packing supplies, such as tape, bubble wrap and permanent markers. Start packing items you won’t need until moving into the new house.

2 weeks before moving

Redirect mail

Contact Australia Post to redirect your mail, bills, subscriptions and parcels to your new home. You can arrange this for up to six months.

Write a cleaning checklist

Before moving, you’ll need to clean your house from top to bottom. Write a detailed list of tasks and give yourself a few days to clean so you’re not overwhelmed.

Arrange insurance policies

Ensure your home and contents insurance is finalised. This way, you’ll be covered the day you move in.

Confirm moving day arrangements

Confirm your booking with the removalist company for moving day. While doing so, you can decide whether you want to take out removals insurance.

1 week before moving

Organise your bills

Contact your utility providers to ensure the gas and electricity is connected when you move into your new home.

Inform every one of your address change

Write a “change of address” checklist to ensure you let all the relevant parties know. These may include utility providers, transport department, government services, your employer, GP, school, university and more.

At JD Movers, we know how stressful moving house can be. For more practical moving tips, call or email our friendly team today.

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