Removal of Pool Tables in Melbourne without Causing Any Harm

Pool tables are of different sizes and shapes. They can be extremely heavy and large covered with a delicate cloth on the surface. The cloth can be easily damaged that is why it requires more care and protection. Moving a pool table from one location to another is not a job for inexperienced people. You have to look for professional movers of pool tables in Melbourne. A removal company that has proper equipment and experienced crew members for the pool table removal. Look for the one who has completed many tasks in the same field.

Why there is a Need for Professional Movers?

Shifting your home from one location to another can be easy but when you have a pool table at your home it requires extreme protection and careful handling. It doesn’t matter whether it is a costly or cheap pool table, they both will be requiring the same safety. Moving a pool table is not a task of a single person, it requires a professional and experienced team of movers to move the pool table. Reasons why you require a professional removal service for your pool table.

  • It is extremely heavy and requires skills to handle while taking from one place to another.
  • The wood quality can be really expensive and you can’t afford to damage your pool table.
  • The cloth on the surface of the pool table needs to be protected from sharp edges.
  • If the clothing gets damaged it cannot be repaired, rather it will need to be replaced completely.
  • Before moving it from one location to another, it needs to be dismantled because of its large size.
  • The loading and unloading of the pool table in the vehicle from one place to another is not an easy task.
  • Protective packing material to protect the pool table from any kind of damages that can be caused while on the way or while loading or unloading.
  • Proper navigation is required when someone is moving the pool table because it can damage the walls and floor area of your house because of its heavyweight.

What can be the Costing of Moving a Pool Table?

The charges of removing pool tables in Melbourne depends on the size and the type of pool table you are having. The relocation of a pool table requires disassembly and loading each part separately because of its heavyweight. After reaching the destination it needs to be assembled back. And yes, it is true that pool tables cannot be moved without breaking down or disassembling. Trying to remove or disassemble your pool table yourself without any professional assistance can cause serious damage to your table or you. The injury can be serious as well as you will damage your pool table also.

How to Choose the Right Mover for Your Pool Table?

Choose the right person or company for the job of pool table removal because it needs some extra care and protection as compared to normal goods.


Make sure that the mover you are choosing is having previous experience of moving heavy pool tables and they have successfully completed the job by causing no harm to the crew as well as the pool table.

Compare Prices

Before you finalize one mover for you, compare the prices with any other mover present at your location. Cheap pool tables removalists don’t mean that they have the proper equipment to handle your job.

Insurance Cover

In the unlikely happening of any damage make sure that your move is fully covered with insurance. Taking proper care is the job of the mover but the move should be insured in case of an unlikely event.

Professional Equipment

Ensure that the movers have proper and required equipment for the job. The equipment needs to be proper because the pool table needs extreme care while moving it from one place to another.

JD Movers can Assist You in Moving Pool Tables in Melbourne

We are having years of experience in moving heavy things from one location to another like pool tables. You can share your requirement with us for moving your house or only a pool table. At JD Movers, you will receive professional assistance and guidance with your removal job. Some of the key-features of JD Movers are:

Interstate Removal

We are proud to say that along with intrastate removals we are also offering interstate removal. We are licensed are registered for all kinds of removal services. Convey your requirement with us and get the best guidance from our years of experience.

Customized Plans

At JD Movers, we can prepare a custom plan for your moving services. The plan and prices can be altered according to your requirement and needs. This is offered for your comfortableness and easiness. A trustable mover in Melbourne with years of experience.

Skilled Crew

The safety of your goods and pool table is our responsibility. We have highly skilled and experienced crew members who know how to handle the job without causing any harm to the goods as well as all the members of the crew.

Latest Equipment

Along with expertise crew members, we also have the professional and latest equipment and vehicle. Our tools are always updated and vehicles are well maintained from time to time so that you don’t have to suffer because of our fault or obsoleteness.

JD Movers assure you completely protected and reliable removal of pool tables in Melbourne. Apart from heavy and costly, we also move cheap pool tables with the same care and protection. We are working for all seven days a week for your convenience and support. Share your requirement with us and get the best guidance for your moving work under a single roof. We are here to assist you at affordable prices.

Contact us now and avail the best deals. Don’t worry anymore your goods and pool table are in safe and trusted hands. You will be receiving a stress-free and the best experience of your life with us. Get a free quote for your job now.

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