Tips to Save Money on Moving House

Moving house is, of course, an exciting and fun time. However, there are many stresses attached to making a move – the most pressing of which is often how expensive the process can be. Especially if you are moving interstate.

So how can you best save money while moving house? There are some expenses that you simply cannot escape, but we have collected some ways you can make small savings that will soon add up and bring a smile to your face.

Hire good removalists

This one goes without saying, because you want your move to be smooth and for your items to be safe. However, hiring skilled and experienced removalists who have great references is a vital part of saving money. Good movers will complete your move in a timely and efficient manner. While this may be more costly than hiring a truck and moving yourself, this also makes a saving on stress – which is worth its weight in gold. Make sure to read client testimonials to find a good fit for you.

Choose your date carefully

Weekends are often a more expensive time to move – understandably, as this is when most people choose to move, avoiding taking time off work. If you can take the time to move during the week, you may be able to save a little money right out the gate. You will also enjoy a little more flexibility about what time of day you move on a weekday.

Think about your move date

No, we’re not just telling you the same thing again – you should also consider the date you move based on your bills and potentially rent payments. Selecting a date without too much crossover allows you to not be paying for two properties for longer than is necessary.

Plan your meals

Preparing your meals ahead of time might seem like a pain when you are in the process of moving, but doing this can help to keep you from ordering food in. While doing this once or twice is fine, you don’t want to be eating out for every meal for a week or more, as this can quickly add up.

Help out

Want to spend less on your removals team? Then ask your friends and family to pitch in and help out with smaller items. Your movers will be happy with the support and this will help to save on manpower, cutting down on the overall cost.

Pack carefully

How can packing up your house save you money? Well, for a start if you choose to borrow boxes or use recycled packaging this can be cheaper than buying boxes brand new. Also, if you are careful to package up your items securely, then this can save on time and overtime costs with your movers – if boxes break upon lifting, it will take up extra time to repackage the contents.

Get in touch

Are you feeling prepared to make some serious savings on your next move? Don’t forget the importance of choosing an excellent and reasonably priced moving company. JD Movers has an excellent team of highly skilled removalists, and we can help you to move in a stress-free way – well, as much as possible! Experienced in all sizes of house moves, and benefiting from our own insurance, you can trust us to get you settled in your new place. Get in touch to find out how we can best help you save on time, money and worries with your house move.

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